The Salesians have been in Timor-Leste since 1927 but the presence was interrupted for about 10 years. In 1946, then came second missionary expedition to the country that was invited by Portuguese government to run a technical school in Dili. Then the other communities were built such as Fuiloro (1946), Baucau (1962), Fatumaca (1964). At the time, the congregation in Timor was dependent on Portugal and was therefore consider as a mission. Once the Portuguese withdrew from Timor in 1975, the Salesians become dependent on the Philippines province, which provided human resources and the opportunity for Salesians from Timor to receive formation in that province. By 1998, the Salesian in Timor became autonomous.

Today, in addition to providing Salesian initial formation, the congregation is engaged in parishes, schools, boarding houses, orphanages, youth centers, oratories and social work. They are also involved in non-Salesian settings like the diocesan major seminary, its curia and its commissions.